Pros and Cons for Creative Highway Signage

Highway signage is not a cheap investment. But it can be an effective way to get your message across – especially on busy roads where traffic jams are common. But there are a couple of factors you should consider such as the durability and the type of sign to install, and of course the message itself. When it comes to creative highway signage, boundaries are often pushed or a crossed which can impact the effectiveness of the message positively or negatively. Here are just a couple of pros and cons for such creative highway signage:

Pro: They can be memorable

Other than turning up a music jam on the car stereo, creative highway signage can put a smile on a driver’s face. Images of pun-integration, hacks grammar and spelling errors tend to go viral online, increasing the audience of your sign, and potentially bringing a bigger audience to the sign’s site as well. It could also then potentially encourage more foot traffic at your business location as well.

Con: They can be distracting

Will it leave the driver thinking, “It is too good to be true”? This could be a problem if the driver becomes so focused on the highway sign that they forget to look where they are going. This is also something to consider if the message you have displayed takes too long to read. For instance, if there are too many words or lines on your post sign, or the changeovers between displays on your LED traffic signs are too slow.

Pro: They are made to stay in its place for a long time

Highway signs are an investment because they are made to last through rain hail or shine. They typically require low maintenance, as they are made out of durable and strong materials

Con: They can be stolen or hacked

Like all signs, they are subject to theft, defacement and – in the context of electronic road signs – hacked. While they are relatively heavy and difficult to dislodge from its place, it is not impossible. On the other hand, there have been many cases where LED road signs have had the controls broken into and re-programmed with another message. But if you contrast between traditional static highway signs and LED road signs, there are fewer cases of stolen LED traffic signs. It means that while LED highway signs may seem more expensive, they may be more economic in the long run with lower replacement costs.

As you can see, there are many ways to get creative with your highway signage. But you will need to consider its effectiveness in getting the message across as well as its durability and costs. To see options, check out Australia’s best road sign manufacturers and distributors and get started today.