Truck Maintenance tips

It is everyone’s dream to own a car. Imagining yourself driving a car, be it an exclusive ford pickup truck or a Toyota Cadillac is worth your time. If you become lucky, this amazing dream could turn in to a reality. Here you are speeding down the hill, feeling the power of the engine, and smiling in your side mirror.


Some months down the road, the car starts making an irritating sound and it won’t start like it used to. The thick white smoke then starts seeping from the trunk of your car like a bomb that has just exploded in there. The maintenance of a pickup truck needs maintenance of a variety of parts of the tuck from pickup truck seats to the engine of the car.


The surface of the truck and the pickup truck seats need to be cleaned regularly by vacuuming. Make sure that the seats are clean to maintain the appearance of the truck. Just try and imagine a situation where you have spilled booze or even soda on the leather seats of your truck. Or maybe you ate bread or doughnut inside the truck. All these could cause more damage to your, especially the small stones from your boots as you climb in and out of the truck just like small stones could tear up delicate feet.


Unless you are some freak who likes spending money on things that could be avoided, you do not want your pickup truck seats worn out only after a few months. After the vacuuming process, always clean the pickup seats with a soft care and soapy water, and then rinse with clean water. Lastly, to keep the seats moisturized, apply a layer of leather conditioner once in a while.

Even if you need to get down on your knees to do it, dust the surface of your truck. If you are not too good when it comes to bending or scrubbing, your wife who is always handy can always help you do that. However, make sure to ask nicely, this is because your truck could turn out to be the dirtiest place she has ever been to.


Your truck needs fluids to keep running, just like you need to survive


Always check all the truck fluids, from brake fluid, engine coolant, oil and transmission fluid, this will save you from costs or embarrassment. Know all the fluids that a car needs and check the levels to see if they are enough to take you through the journey. Also read the truck manual to know when fluids have to be checked.


Ensure that you check your breaks twice a year for wear or damage unless you want your truck to speed down the road with you screaming inside wondering how to stop it. Also remember to replace engine batteries, and check the batteries for corrosion. Nobody wants to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no one but yourself and the birds of the air. Always ensure that you check the truck battery to avoid all this inconveniences.